Border Immersion Program

Come to the border. Come to be changed.

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History & Purpose


Since 1992, Cristo Rey has led Border Immersion Programs for numerous Christian adults, university groups and youth from across the country. While the program continues to evolve, our purpose remains clear: to provide exposure to the social issues that affect this border area and a cross-cultural opportunity for ministry within a Christian context.


The Border Immersion Program encourages participants to approach the week as learners, with the opportunity to serve and to be served.  Participants study the social issues that effect this border area—a virtual microcosm of our world reality—and build relationships with the members of Cristo Rey and their neighbors in our community of faith.


We ask that participants come with open hearts and minds, and with the willingness to be impacted.  These experiences will strengthen your knowledge of God and your relationship with God, as together we strive for a greater understanding and purpose in our lives as Christians.

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